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FMR has become a household name in the job recruitment and training industry. In a time when the rate of unemployment is faster than economic growth, and the unemployability of African graduates in question, FMR is proving her mettle in providing the much needed manpower that takes Africa from where it is to where it ought to be. It has trained for companies and governments and is poised to reposition the African workforce. They believe strongly that more than ever a workforce ethics revolution is long overdue. What is a professional recruitment? It is where capacity meets opportunity. It is the junction where qualified, dedicated and invested candidates meet the employer and the job of their dream employee. At FMR, only the song of merit is given audience. FMR is the job seeker’s eyes, ears, and advocate in the job market. They often have knowledge of opportunities at their fingertips and do not hesitate to make the necessary hook up. They know of job openings before it is open. And more the so of jobs that may not have been advertised or may never be advertised. There is even an added advantage of helping candidates by being a coach and an advisor during the job searching process.

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