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127 Chime Avenue New Haven Enugu

Logo Design/Brand Identity for LEARNTRO: LEARNTRO makes education accessible and affordable, connecting teachers with learners.

Mexygabriel’s artistic prowess comes to life in the Logo Design and Brand Identity created for LEARNTRO. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to storytelling through design, Mexygabriel has skillfully crafted a visual identity that truly sets LEARNTRO apart.

This branding project is more than just a logo; it’s a strategic narrative that encapsulates LEARNTRO’s mission, values, and vision. Mexygabriel’s dedication to the project demonstrates their passion for creating impactful brand identities that resonate with audiences.

In this collaboration, Mexygabriel has once again proven their ability to elevate brands through design, bringing LEARNTRO’s identity to life in a way that leaves a lasting impression. With Mexygabriel’s creative touch, LEARNTRO’s brand is poised for recognition and success in the world of education and learning

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